We have built some interesting updates on our platform for you as advertiser. We added Custom Audiences, SMART CPA and Custom Bidding per Site ID.


Custom Audiences

Custom audiences at Noviclick. You can now create custom audiences so you can save your whitelist or blacklist and use it again for different kind of campaigns. This makes it easier for you to reuse an audience you’ve created. Read more about how you can use custom audiences at our wiki.


Smart CPA Campaigns

You can now create Smart CPA campaigns at Noviclick. With this new bidding strategy you can set a target CPA and our system will automatically block sites for your campaign. Read more about how does smart cpa work at our wiki.


Custom Bidding per Site ID

With custom bidding per site id you can bid higher and lower on different site id’s at your campaign. Normally you will only setup a bid on campaign level, but now you can add custom bids for every site id that is performing good or bad. Read in our wiki how you can use custom bidding.


Use these new features