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Boost Your Affiliate Performance

Noviclick offers performance-targeted traffic, advanced fraud filters, and direct converting offers to help affiliates maximize their revenue. Join our trusted network and take your affiliate business to the next level.


  • Worldwide Push, In-page Push and Popunder traffic
  • Advanced Fraud Filter System
  • Offer wal with direct converting offers
  • Automatic refunds for suspicious traffic
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Reach new audiences with our targeted traffic

Noviclick offers marketing agencies the opportunity to increase their clients reach and find new potential customers. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality assistance to ensure that you achieve the best possible results.


  • Worldwide reach through different ad formats
  • Advanced targeting options to reach specific audiences
  • Fraud detection and prevention to ensure quality traffic
  • High-quality support


Increase your revenue

Noviclick offers publishers high CPM rates and a variety of ad formats to monetize their traffic. With our smart direct link, in-page push ads, and popunder ads, you can increase your revenue while providing a seamless user experience. We also offer flexible payout options and dedicated support to help you maximize your earnings.


  • High CPM rates and on-time payments
  • A variety of ad formats, including direct link, popunder, and in-page push
  • Multiple payout options, including Capitalist, Wire Transfer, PayPal, and Paxum
  • Customizable ad codes and ad optimization tools for maximum revenue
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Improve your search engine rankings

Noviclick offers high-quality blogs and websites for link building and SEO agencies. Our guest post services can help improve search engine rankings for your clients by providing backlinks from relevant sites in their niche. Choose from a variety of niche categories and get high-quality content written by our team of experienced writers.


  • High-quality blogs and websites with real traffic for guest posting opportunities.
  • Ability to customize content and anchor text for each guest post.
  • Experienced team of writers and editors who can provide SEO-friendly content.
  • Access to a wide range of niches and industries for targeted link building.

Top performing ad formats:

Premium Popunder, Push traffic and Inpage push traffic is available at this time. Noviclick is
constantly monitoring the market for new interesting ad formats.

popunderPopunder traffic

Traditional onclick full-tabs with 100% viewability

Popunder advertising

push notificationsPush Traffic

Create a notification with a custom image and text displayed in the browser.

Push advertising

inpage pushInpage Push Traffic

Create a notification with a custom image and text displayed on a website.

Inpage-push advertising

inpage pushGenerated Traffic

Boost your online metrics with our highly customizable generated traffic.

Generated Traffic

Why choose Noviclick

At Noviclick, our top priority is delivering high performance and conversions. We are committed to helping all our clients achieve their marketing goals and maximize their return on investment.

Billions of impressions

On a daily basis we process billions of impressions, from which only the best verified clicks are sold for competitive rates.

Conversion tracking

Share your conversion data to noviclick through postback to enjoy better insight and easier campaign optimisation.

Multiple ad formats

Premium popunder and push traffic is available at this time. Noviclick is constantly monitoring the market for new interesting ad formats.

Fraud Filter

Our state of the art fraud filter automatically rejects bots, click farms, malware and low quality traffic from your campaigns.

Advanced targeting

Thanks to our real-time bidding system you have the possibility to make changes to your campaigns and bids at any time which are effective immediately.


Our support is available daily through email and Skype for questions and advice.

Global partnerships

Join the 5,000+ affiliates, agencies and marketers.

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