custom bidsCustom bidding is very important for the succes of your campaign. Sometimes a couple of cents can make big difference for a site id but not for every site id you have room to bid higher. That’s why we created custom bidding for site id’s. Bid higher for the best-performing site id’s to increase traffic from them and outbid your competition. Or decrease your rates for those sources that doesn’t work that good.


What is a custom Bid?

With custom bidding you can bid higher and lower on different site id’s. When you normally only setup a bid on campaign level you can now add custom bids for every site id that is performing good or bad.


How do you spot good or bad site id’s?

Install our tracking tokens at the tracking platform you are using. If you install the conversion postback we can also help you with spotting good or bad site id’s. We recommend to lower or higher the bid after spending 2 times your target CPA.


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