For this Case Study a VPN App offer for iOS was tested in the United States on our new ad format In-Page Push. This type of traffic is a great fit, as regular push traffic does not work for iOS devices. The payout for this offer was $8.50 and a conversion was fired after someone installed the app and started a free three day trial.


Ad Format: In-Page push
Vertical: VPN Apps
Country: United States (US)
Period: 2020-05-28 – 2020-06-03
(31788) US – AdSecurity Center iOS – Pre-approved Pubs only – CPA – Capped – #1928 from Gotzha
Prelanders: none (direct linking)

Total Spent: $745.64
Total Revenue: $952.00
Total Conversions: 112
Profit: $206.36
ROI: 27.6%

Campaigns settings

The setup for this campaign was really simple and straightforward. However only the Safari browser was targeted as this is the default browser on iPhones and thus used by the less technical users, which usually results in a higher conversion rate.

Ad Format: In-Page Push
Pricing Model: SmartCPC
Bid: $0.045
Categories: Mainstream
Countries: United States
Device Types: Mobile
Operating Systems: iOS
Browsers: Safari
Mobile Carriers: All


For this campaign only one creative was used as this was just a small test. When running this campaign for a longer period of time or scaling it, it would be better to use at least three different banners to split test the performance and prevent banner blindness.

Noviclick stats

The statistics clearly show that the results are fairly stable and that a daily profit of $50 is quite possible. By expanding targeting on the current offer or finding similar offers for other countries or devices, a multiple of this should be feasible.

Network stats

Below a screenshot from the Gotzha dashboard is shown for verification of the results.


VPN apps on In-Page Push traffic are looking very promising to generate a stable income stream. It would definitely be interesting to test these kind of offers in different countries and on other devices.