Search Arbitrage is a way of selling your traffic to a search feed provider. You will send your traffic to a monetized page with search results from search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Those search engines will pay you per click. The better the quality of your traffic the higher payout you will get.

Which kind of traffic can I use for Search Arbitrage?

You can generate traffic from native sources (Taboola or Outbrain) or push sources like Noviclick. After people clicking on your native/push creative you will lead them to a search feed for a specific keyword. When the user clicks on the search feed you will get paid.

Which keywords are working for Search Arbitrage?

It’s important to do a good keyword research. You can find good paying keywords in Google Ads keyword explorer for example.

Keyword niches for Search Arbitrage:

  • Insurance
  • Online Education
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Legal
  • Internet and Telecoms
  • Online banking
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Home & garden
  • Automobile
  • Fitness & Health

Search Feed Provider Networks

  • Tonic
  • System1

Search Feed flows

1-Click Flow: When the visitor is directly served with the promoted listing link. Mostly used with Yahoo or Bing feeds.

bing searchfeed

2-Click Flow – When the visitor is served with a pre-lander, that will send him to the promoted listing link. Mostly used with a Google feed.

two click search arbitrage two click flow search arbitrage 2

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