Popunder traffic is an ad format what you can recognize when a window pops in your screen with an advertisement. It will open over the main active window. It’s an populair ad format but also more difficult than other ad formats.

popunder ad

The advertisement is directly “in your face” so you have to convince them more to convert. For example; with push advertisements or banner ads they click on your ad before they will see your landing page, so they are more interested.

How does Popunder traffic work?

You don’t have to confuse popup ads with Popunder. Popunder will be activated most of the time when someone clicks somewhere on a website. A new window wil pop under the window of the website that they visit. So it will not disturb the user when its browsing, but if they click that website away they will see your landing page.

How to use Popunder traffic?

For pounder traffic you will target the most of the time a broad audience. That will mean that you need to promote an offer that can be interesting for a broad audience. For example; “Win a product”, “food related”, “insurance”, “software”, “apps”, etc.

How to launch a Popunder campaign?

You can launch a Popunder campaign here easily at Noviclick. Within a few minutes you can reach millions of people worldwide. For help or advice to start your perfect Popunder campaign our account managers are happy to help.

How to spy other popunder campaigns?

There are different kind of spytools on the market but one of the best spytools is Adplexity. You can choose for Adplexity Desktop for example to spy desktop offers for your popunder campaigns.

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