Calendar traffic is a new ad format in the industry for desktop macOS and mobile iOS devices. People get subscribed on a digital calendar and ads will be displayed in their calendar. Calendar traffic looks like push traffic because it’s sending notifications too.calendar traffic


How does it work?

People op-in to receive these calendar notifications on their device. The message you will create in your campaign will be shown in their calendar and it’s not possible to show images. After they clicking on the notification they will see the full text and url to click on. After clicking on the url your landing page or offer will be shown to the user.


Benefits of Calendar traffic?

  • High quality traffic on MacOS and iOS devices
  • Ads delivered on a locked screen at mobile devices
  • No images needed (title, text and url)
  • Many verticals showing good results
  • You pay per click

The quality of the users is high and it’s a brand new ad format. So don’t wait too long and start your calendar traffic campaigns today.