Google Adsense is the leading platform to earn money with your website. Google earns more than 25 billion in revenue from Adsense per year. But not only Google is earning money with those ads. Publishers that are running websites are also earning money with Adsense.adsense safe traffic

What would be better than generate more traffic to your website for a cheap price so you can earn more money with Google Adsense? We understand this sounds too good to be true but it’s really possible. Read in this article which kind of traffic you need and where you can buy it.


How to buy Adsense safe traffic?

Buying extra traffic to your website is ok for Google Adsense but it all depends on what kind of traffic you get. It’s very important that you don’t get bot traffic. Most of those bots click on many items at your website like the Ads from Google. Those clicks are fake and that will lead into a penalty by Google.

So when you buy traffic for your website with Adsense, make sure that it’s 100% human traffic and no fake bot traffic. Noviclick can help you with this by providing clean traffic for your Adsense website.


Best tips to get free Adsense traffic

Beside buying traffic you can also get free traffic that will generate in more revenue for your Adsense account. Read the tips below to generate more free traffic.

1. SEO
The most important way to get free traffic is SEO (Search Engine Optimalisation). When you are optimizing your website for Google you will get better positions in the search result what will help you to get more traffic for your website.

2. Social media
Create posts on social media and use the hashtags so people can also find you on social media. More traffic to your social media account can also lead to more traffic to your website.

3. Start blogging
Start posting blogs about different kind of subjects in your niche. This will generate more free traffic to your website.

4. Backlinks
Backlinks will help you generate more traffic to your website but be aware that those backlinks are relevant to your niche. This will help you also grow in Google.


Buy now Adsense safe traffic

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