What are suspicious visits?

Suspicious visits are visitors that we suspect to be bots. We have developed an advanced in-house fraud filter system with over 30 indicators that we use to detect suspicious traffic. Most of the suspicious visits can be blocked by us before buying them but unfortunately not all. Because of this some of the detection is done after the visit is bought, if we then find the visit to be suspicious it will be displayed as a suspicious visit in your statistics. We are unique as a traffic source to be transparent about this as we believe this data can help you to optimise your campaigns.

What happens with suspicious visits?

When a visit is identified as suspicious post-buy this means that it has already been redirected to your campaign url. However as a lot of bots show strange behaviour there is a chance that it will not reach your campaign.

When are suspicious visits refunded?

We have deals with most of our publishers and traffic partners that we don’t pay for suspicious visits. In this case we can automatically refund you the cost of the visit directly. The monthly and total amount that has been refunded in this way is shown in the left bottom corner of the platform and on the billing page.

suspicious visit refunds

We don’t have this deal with all of our publishers yet. This is why we can’t refund suspicious visits for some sites, but we work hard on bringing down the percentage of non refundable sites. Our goal is to have a refund deal with all of our partners.

What do we do to prevent suspicious visits?

Detecting suspicious visitors is a cat and mouse game because fraudsters are constantly developing new methods and tricks to generate fake visitors. Because of this our system is self-learning using artificial intelligence so it can continuously track and block new suspicious traffic. Once a website has completely been blocked this is shown in your campaign statistics with a red shield.

blocked sites