The past months we have been working hard on developing new features and adding new publishers. In this blog post we want to give you an overview of what has been done and what we are currently working on.

1) API

At the moment we are finalising our API and it will soon be available. What is possible with our API?

  • Changing campaigns
  • Blacklist/whitelist
  • Getting your stats

Interested in testing our API? Contact your account manager for Beta access. Once it’s available for everyone we will be sure to let you know.


2) Pop inventory

We have been working on our pop inventory and increased the amount of available traffic over the last weeks. Currently the most traffic is available in the adult category but we are working hard on increasing our mainstream inventory as well.


3) Platform updates

Easy Include/exclude targeting
Switch the button and easily include or exclude your targeting.

Suggested bids

When creating or editing a campaign, bid information and a suggested bid will be displayed.

Refunds visible for each campaign
In the campaign overview the amount of suspicious visits refunds are displayed for each campaign created after 2020-05-26.

Language targeting
You can now find language targeting in the special targeting section.

Age tracking token
You can track the subscriber age for push traffic in your own tracker now by using the {age} token.

Label icon in campaign overview

If a campaign has labels and doesn’t get traffic from some special sources it will get this label:


4) Out of BETA

The coming month we will be working hard to get Noviclick out of BETA. What needs to be done:

  • More mainstream pop traffic
  • Faster and better loading of our statistics